A comparative study of the field

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A comparative study of the field

History of genomics Comparative genomics has a root in the comparison of virus genomes in the early s. The system helps researchers to identify large rearrangements, single base mutations, reversals, tandem repeat expansions and other polymorphisms.

In bacteria, MUMMER enables the identification of polymorphisms that are responsible for virulence, pathogenicity, and anti-biotic resistance. Rubin and his team published a paper titled "Comparative Genomics of the Eukaryotes", in which they compared the genomes of the eukaryotes D.

Instead of undertaking their own analyses, most biologists can access these large cross-species comparisons and avoid the impracticality caused by the size of the genomes. These methods can also quickly uncover single-nucleotide polymorphismsinsertions and deletions by mapping unassembled reads against a well annotated reference genome, and thus provide a list of possible gene differences that may be the basis for any functional variation among strains.

When two or more of the genome sequence are compared, one can deduce the evolutionary relationships of the sequences in a phylogenetic tree. Based on a variety of biological genome data and the study of vertical and horizontal evolution processes, one can understand vital parts of the gene structure and its regulatory function.

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Similarity of related genomes is the basis of comparative genomics. The closer the relationship between two organisms, the higher the similarities between their genomes. If there is close relationship between them, then their genome will display a linear behaviour syntenynamely some or all of the genetic sequences are conserved.

Thus, the genome sequences can be used to identify gene function, by analyzing their homology sequence similarity to genes of known function. Orthologous sequences are related sequences in different species: Paralogous sequences are separated by gene cloning gene duplication: A pair of orthologous sequences is called orthologous pairs orthologsa pair of paralogous sequence is called collateral pairs paralogs.

Orthologous pairs usually have the same or similar function, which is not necessarily the case for collateral pairs.

A comparative study of the field

In collateral pairs, the sequences tend to evolve into having different functions. Note that conservation tends to cluster around coding regions exons. Comparative genomics exploits both similarities and differences in the proteinsRNAand regulatory regions of different organisms to infer how selection has acted upon these elements.

Those elements that are responsible for similarities between different species should be conserved through time stabilizing selectionwhile those elements responsible for differences among species should be divergent positive selection.

Finally, those elements that are unimportant to the evolutionary success of the organism will be unconserved selection is neutral. One of the important goals of the field is the identification of the mechanisms of eukaryotic genome evolution.

It is however often complicated by the multiplicity of events that have taken place throughout the history of individual lineages, leaving only distorted and superimposed traces in the genome of each living organism.

For this reason comparative genomics studies of small model organisms for example the model Caenorhabditis elegans and closely related Caenorhabditis briggsae are of great importance to advance our understanding of general mechanisms of evolution.

A public collection of case studies and demonstrations is growing, ranging from whole genome comparisons to gene expression analysis.

At the same time, comparative analysis tools are progressed and improved. In the challenges about these analyses, it is very important to visualize the comparative results.

As we know, it is highly inefficient to examine the alignment of long genomic regions manually. Internet-based genome browsers provide many useful tools for investigating genomic sequences due to integrating all sequence-based biological information on genomic regions.

When we extract large amount of relevant biological data, they can be very easy to use and less time-consuming. This site contains the reference sequence and working draft assemblies for a large collection of genomes. The Ensembl project produces genome databases for vertebrates and other eukaryotic species, and makes this information freely available online.

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