An introduction to the mysterious aurora event on the sky

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An introduction to the mysterious aurora event on the sky

Visit the Nightskyhunter Noctilucent Cloud Gallery For observers at mid northern latitudes Summer nights remain bathed in bright twilight hampering most forms of astronomical observation.

These mild Summer nights can be a joy for amateur observers however deep sky observing and even the aurora are washed out to insignificance due to ' nautical twilight ' persisting all night long.

However, all is not lost as Summer nights bring with them a different kind of phenomena. If you are located between latitudes 50 degrees and 65 degrees N or S of the Equator then you will be graced by the presence of 'Noctilucent Clouds' or NLC's for short.

The NLC season typically runs from late May until early August in the northern hemisphere and December to January for southern hemisphere observers, however sightings outside this 'latitude window' have been recorded with ever greater frequency in recent years.

A Mid-Summer Night's Dream Since my own early sightings I have since been determined to observe every NLC display that appears each Summer period in the hope of gaining more proficiency with my observations and a better understanding of their appearance, frequency, and movement by gaining as much experience as I can along with maintaining a dedicated photographic record of all displays which appear over N.

My own introduction to NLCs began many years ago when I accidentally encountered these eerie glowing clouds at the end of my Summer comet hunting sessions in the hours before dawn.

I recall feeling mesmerized by the beautiful structure and colours they contained and knew deep down that this phenomena was something very special.

At the time I did not realize what they were or their true importance however in due course as my curiosity became heightened I gradually began researching through various books and magazines to get some understanding of what was going on and how to go about observing them.

I was fortunate enough at the time to befriend a veteran NLC observer with over 30 years of NLC observation under his belt at my local astronomical society who has since developed my interest in NLCs to a high level.

Noctilucent Clouds

His name is John C. McConnell and in the years to come we would be swapping countless text messages and phone calls discussing these amazing clouds.

The Summer of and in particular and produced the best displays I have ever seen. I never realized that nature could produce such beautiful art work in the sky.

Mysterious and Strange Clipping Sounds of Auroras - Strange Sounds This is a misnomer however, because they are commonly visible between 65 to 72 degrees north and south latitudes, which place them a ring just within the Arctic and Antarctic circles. Aurorae do occur deeper inside the polar regions, but these are infrequent and often invisible to the naked eye.
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Nibiru cataclysm - Wikipedia STEVE is the narrow ribbon of white-purple hues overhead, and the vibrant green light on the right is an aurora located further north.
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Each display was unique and the best of them covered much of the entire night sky with breathtaking colours, these were unforgettable sights.

If you have never seen a bright complex Noctilucent cloud display before then be prepared to be amazed. These clouds promise you a profound visual experience and once you have seen a good one then the chances are that you will be hooked for the rest of your life just as I have.

Warning - be prepared to miss out on alot of sleep! Genesis Of The Noctilucent Clouds? NLCs bare little resemblance to normal clouds which form in the Troposphere - a region of the Earth's atmosphere located 14 km 9 miles high - this low altitude results in our weather clouds appearing dark against the Summer twilight sky as they reside in the Earth's shadow hidden from the Sun's glare.

An introduction to the mysterious aurora event on the sky

Noctilucent is a Latin derivative which loosely translates as 'Night Shinning' and shine they do. Jesse who was then active at the Berlin Observatory making the first photographic measurements of clouds. When the Sun is between 6 degrees and 16 degrees below the horizon the NLCs, which are located at a height of 82km in the Mesosphereare illuminated by sunlight where they then become visible to ground based observers.

Very little is known about NLCs even today, in fact the details of modern NLC science could be presented on the back of a post card. These clouds are mysterious in the extreme and observations and images are sought after by researchers making this field of astronomy and meteorology one of the few areas were amateur observers can contribute to science.

An introduction to the mysterious aurora event on the sky

The genesis of the Noctilucent clouds are as elusive as the clouds themselves and theoretical at best however a popular and plausible belief among researchers suggests that NLCs are made up of meteoritic dust particles incased in ice crystals.

These ice crystals which contain dust particles from meteoroids, comets, and asteroids are so small that their size is likened to the particles in cigarette smoke.Cosmos can be defined as a complex and orderly system, such as our Universe; the opposite of Chaos.

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An aurora is a mysterious and unpredictable display of light in the night sky, predominantly seen in the high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic) regions. Auroras in the northern hemisphere are called aurora borealis or northern lights, and in the southern hemisphere aurora australis, or southern lights.

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