An overview of the various religions in novels and the introduction to william goldings simon the ch

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An overview of the various religions in novels and the introduction to william goldings simon the ch

The way the book is written is easy to read and I found very interesting the inclusion in the whole book sections "From the Source". It was very interesting also to learn about the Zoroastrianism, especially after a long time outside of India where I served as missionary.

I would point as a weakness to the book the lack of more information about Latin America I have enjoyed reading this book and learned many things especially about the Native American Religions and also of the African Religions. In Brazil, many of the Spiritism followers are white people and very influenced by Allan Kardec.

Just taking the opportunity to say that it is a very expensive book, too expensive for regular students.

I will guess that suggesting other sources would really be helpful to students of this subject. Personally I gained a lot of new insights about religion in general and it will help me in becoming more tolerant and respectful to the other faiths knowing that people are being truly sincere in their practice even though I believe that there is no salvation without Christ.

It is very concerning that violence has affected and followed almost all religions in the world. I was reluctant to read the section about my religion as I felt that it would likely trash my religion and my culture. I was very relieved to see how it really highlighted the positive aspects of every religion as if each part of it was written by an advocate of the respective religion it was describing.

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I have a lot of respect for that since religion is a sensitive issue and there is no value in highlighting the differences be I was given this book to read by one of my students a few years ago.

Religions aim to raise the integrity of people and the humans in large. No need to use it to hurt each other.

An overview of the various religions in novels and the introduction to william goldings simon the ch

I think this book does just that. I have used it as a reference to remain informed and sensitive to other religions. Any Christian looking to explore a basic understanding of the other major beliefs in the world.

This book was a great help as far as understanding the basics of other religions. It helped me come to understand how people can take an idea and run with it when it comes to their view of religion; by revealing the corrupt history of many religions and their impacts on different societies and cultures.

I read the book as a part of my World Religions course during my Junior year in high school and it was a good complement to the course.

It has even handed coverage and a balanced approach to religion, covering the major religions in a very broad and general sense. As I said, it is an overview, intended for use in undergrad courses.

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Return to Religions' Origins, Introduction Revelations And Conversions, Introduction (A postscript to this chapter titled Developing A Universal Religion/Rationality In Science And Religion is to be found at the end of this part.). December No.

An overview of the various religions in novels and the introduction to william goldings simon the ch


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