Biology honors thesis

By age 12, he was writing fan letters to primatologists. He attended John Dewey High School and, by that time, he was reading textbooks on the subject and teaching himself Swahili.

Biology honors thesis

In Biology, any student may apply to conduct an Honors Thesis. The Honors Thesis differs from a regular senior thesis in several key regards, all detailed below.

Biology honors thesis

Although the details of achieving Honors in the major are somewhat specific to each Biology honors thesis and program, there are some commonalities to the Honors Program as described here: Because of the high expectations for Honors Theses, and because of the relatively early deadline for submission of Honors Theses, an early start is crucial.

The actual research project can begin during the junior year as an independent study, Biology honors thesis the summer between the junior and senior years, or during the senior year itself. Proposals for collaborative work may be considered by the department.

An Honors Thesis must be presented and defended orally at the end of the final semester. This oral examination covers the thesis and topics related to the thesis, including biology in general. For the oral defense, an Honors Panel is assigned specifically for each student and comprises one faculty member from the Biology Department, one Bates faculty member outside Biology, and one outside examiner from off campus who has expertise in the relevant field but has not had input into the project.

Summer between Junior and Senior Years Spend the summer either conducting research with your advisor or reading and planning in preparation for a full-speed start in the fall semester. Fall of Senior Year Submit a written proposal to your biology thesis advisor by the 10th day of classes in the first semester of the senior year.

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Students whose proposals are approved by the department then can begin or continue an in-depth research project under the guidance of the individual faculty advisor. Details for the remaining steps of the process, including exact deadlines for the current academic year, are available at http: Submit a thesis abstract to the Honors Program by the late-January deadline.

Conduct an oral defense of the thesis by the late-April deadline. Upload a revised thesis, if necessary, by the early-May deadline. Likewise, withdrawal may be initiated by the student, at any time prior to the thesis submission deadline or oral exam date.

Withdrawal forms are available on the Honors Program website. The distinction of Honors requires that the student and the thesis meet all of the criteria specified below.

An outstanding performance in several of the expectations for Honors may offset a less than exemplary performance in another area, but a significant deficiency in any one expectation is sufficient grounds to deny Honors. The Honors Panel, who may consult with the advisor, has final authority for judging whether the student has satisfactorily met the criteria for receipt of Honors.

The thesis must explore a novel question or topic, with creative and independent intellectual work by the student. The thesis should describe a project that, if brought to completion, would be suitable for publication in the peer-reviewed literature, either as a stand-alone item or as part of a larger project.

The department recognizes that two semesters of work is seldom sufficient to complete a project to the point of a peer-reviewed publication, but the project should be on a trajectory for such an outcome. In the written thesis and oral defense, the student must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the theoretical and methodological underpinnings of the project.

The student must demonstrate a high level of self-motivation, independence, and continuous engagement over the duration of the project. The student must demonstrate that considerable progress has been made in the actual execution of the project.

The student must have advanced the project to the stage where defensible conclusions can be drawn. The thesis must be well written and accessible to expert and non-expert audiences. A high quality thesis is well organized, concise, grammatically and mechanistically correct, and coherent and logical in its arguments and development of ideas.

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The written thesis must cite appropriate sources that inform the project. Data must be clearly presented. Language must be precise and sophisticated, with terminology appropriate for the topic of the thesis.

The student must be able to answer questions posed by the Honors Panel and engage with members of the Panel in a scholarly discussion of all facets of the project, including relevant background and supporting coursework.Students can tailor their individual academic goals by selecting the college of enrollment, one of 14 biology concentrations, and specific courses to meet requirements.

The First Year. Upon arriving at Texas A&M, we help you get acclimated to life in College Station and in the Department of Biology. You will meet your fellow entering students, who will undoubtedly be a source of friendship and moral support during graduate school and beyond.

Lehman College is a senior liberal arts college in The City University of New York, founded in and offering more than 50 undergraduate majors and programs; over 40 graduate degree programs; 17 advanced certificates; and 11 doctoral programs in conjunction with the CUNY Graduate Center. Senior Honors thesis expectations: The honors thesis is the culmination of high quality research performed in the preceding semester(s) of undergraduate study.

The products of BIOL H are a written thesis (minimum of 10 pages) and an oral presentation. The Honors Program in Biological Sciences is designed to offer advanced training in laboratory and field research through the performance of an original research project under the direct guidance of a member of the Cornell faculty.

COLLEGE OF ARTS & SCIENCES BIOLOGY Detailed course offerings (Time Schedule) are available for. Autumn Quarter ; Winter Quarter ; BIOL Introductory Biology (5) NW Develops an awareness of science by studying basic biological principles and their application to problems of humans and society in the contexts of special topics or themes, which vary quarter to quarter.

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