Cereals kelloggs segmentation approach

Breakfast Cereal Marketing Essay 1. This is why the purpose of this report is to explain how marketers segment the breakfast cereals using a combination of demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioural variables. Finally, it will assess three chosen brands within the breakfast cereal industry to show how each of them are positioned in the market by using a perceptual map. Finally, the marketing mix of each brands accordingly are stated.

Cereals kelloggs segmentation approach

Will Kellogg started his business ventures by selling brooms, before helping his brother, John Harvey Kellogg, run the Battle Creek Sanitarium. Now he is responsible for the W. Although William Keith Kellogg is the official founder of the cereal, it was his brother John who had first attempted to develop the first breakfast cereal.

John Kellogg failed to invent the cereal as the taste was not appealing and then that is when William stepped in and took over and with the addition of a simple ingredient, sugar, it became a huge success.

John Harvey Kellogg worked at the hospital and health spa in Michigan, his brother William worked alongside him as the business manager.

Cereals kelloggs segmentation approach

The hospital Figure 2-John Harvey Kellogg stressed healthy living and kept its Cereals kelloggs segmentation approach on a diet that eliminated caffeine, meat, alcohol, and tobacco.

One day, after cooking some wheat, the men were called away. When they eventually returned, the wheat had become stale.

They decided to force the tempered grain through the rollers regardless of its condition. Surprisingly, the grain did not come out in long sheets of dough as it previously had done. Instead each wheat berry was flattened and came out as a thin flake.

The brothers baked the flakes and were delighted with their new invention. They had discovered a new delicious cereal but they had no way of knowing they had accidently invented a whole new industry. John Kellogg gave up and decided he wanted out on the new discovery and left it up to his brother.

Will Keith eventually opened his own cereal business, and its most famous products are still sold today. The company introduced a wide range of products such as: Foundation was founded in by William Kellogg. It all began when his grandson, Kenneth Williamson, was involved in a tragic accident which left him paralysed.

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Initially, the Foundation was meant to assist handicapped children in securing better health, confidence and trust in the country and its institutions. Now the principle of the foundation is for the promotion of the health, education and welfare of mankind, but principally for children and youth.

Segmentation involves dividing the market of potential customers into homogenous groups. These groups may be distinguished in terms of their behaviour, attitudes, demographic characteristics, age, gender, work status, social class etc.

Target marketing follows on from the initial segmentation decision. Market Segmentation Why segment? These patterns can include the occasion when the buyer uses the product, timing of use etc.

It may involve the development of different marketing mixes for different segments.


Marketers hope that the buyer will perceive their product to be unique and that they will have a distinctive image of the product and its benefits. Marketers try to find a distinct position and must compete for attention with other existing competitors. This value can be expressed in a number of ways including: The positioning strategies are: They are low priced, frequently purchased and can be found in most locations such as convenient stores and supermarkets.

Creating new products or adjusting and making changes to existing products can be expensive.Marketing Strategy of Kellogg’s uses a mix of demographic, geographic and psychographic segmentations to market its products in around countries.

Being world’s largest cereal maker and 2nd largest maker of cookies & snacks are helping the company to distribute more than countries globally.


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INTRODUCTION Corporate strategy is certainly a topic that is exciting and challenging. Sep 26,  · Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning Segmenting targeting and positioning is very important.

Segmenting is depended up on geographic, demographic, psychographic and . Kellogg is the first company which introduced concept of prizes in the boxes of cereals.

These prizes are of different types and attract the consumers hence make a brand image of the product. Special offers are also other marketing techniques applied by the Kellogg Company.

Sep 26,  · Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning Segmenting targeting and positioning is very important. Segmenting is depended up on geographic, demographic, psychographic and . Guided by senior members of Kellogg’s marketing faculty — experts in the unique challenges of business-to-business marketing — you’ll gain exposure to their leading-edge thinking on successful business practices and explore in depth the fundamentals and best practices of B2B marketing strategy.