Continuing conflicts in middle east

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Continuing conflicts in middle east

And, there appears to be no end in sight. While religious-based conflict may not be the core reason for the conflicts there in every instance, it surely is, at the very least, a basic influence and a major underpinning.

So, the world must go forward by, among other things, emphasizing education in the direction of teaching the value of finding and emphasizing those common threads of similarity of religions rather than emphasizing the differences — though they certainly exist. Judaism versus Islam Conflict, in which the Jews as a religious group were involved, in this part of the world, goes back more than 3, years, and is historically documented in the Jewish and Christian Old Testaments, among other records.

History reveals that this conflict among these Semite neighbors in the Middle East has had at its heart the overemphasis of religious differences between Islam and Judaism. The establishment of Israel, however, focused back — for the first time in centuries — their conflict almost exclusively in the Middle East.

And, the cost was high for both sides. After the War, more thanJews in 8 Arab countries were forced flee for their lives, their property ransacked, and their schools, hospitals, synagogues and cemeteries expropriated or destroyed. Of all those countries, only one country, Jordan, has extended citizenship to the Palestinians.

While many might argue that the Arab-Israeli Wars of the latter part of the 20th century, and the subsequent unstable and violent situation have not been religious-based in nature, it appears the genesis of these conflicts was.

Not seldom do initially religious-based conflicts subsequently take on a separate life of their own. Though no major Arab-Israeli wars have erupted in the last decade, there remains in the Middle East a tinder-box tension. Lives are lost almost daily — on one side, or both — and billions of dollars are spent in support of military establishments and their adventures which could otherwise have been focused on the immediate and humanitarian needs of those peoples.

In late December,two Islamic men stopped a school bus carrying 50 Jewish children between the ages of 8 and 10 at gunpoint near Paris, France, and residents of the mainly Arab suburb stoned the vehicle.

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In fact, according to a French government report issued in earlyacts of violence against the Jews increased from one in to nine in to in If one includes other anti-Semitic incidents, ranging from threats to arson, the numbers went from 74 in to in The security guard was punched in the face and kicked in the ribs.

It was one of more than anti-Jewish incidents in France, home of 6 million Muslims, in a 3 week period, compared with in all of Sharp increases in attacks on Jews were reported in Britain, Russia and Belgium as well.

Some called this a new wave of anti-Semitism in Europe. Later in and into the violence in the Middle East escalated sharply.

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There were attacks and counter attacks between the Palestinians and Israelis. Innocent men, women and children died by the hundreds on both sides.

In June, at the urging of the U. Bush, the two sides again sat together to attempt to bring peace to the area.Argument China Smells Opportunity in the Middle East’s Crisis Beijing is using the region's ongoing woes to solidify its own geopolitical agenda.

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Continuing conflicts in middle east

Straw blames Britain’s past for Mid East troubles, New Statesman, November 18, , John Kampfner. This link is to an interview with British Foreign Secratary, Jack Straw. In it, he blames Britain’s imperial past for contributing to Middle East troubles today. (The article requires registration.

Water conflict in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) primarily deals with three major river basins: the Jordan River Basin, the Tigris-Euphrates River Basin, and the Nile River Basin.

Religiously based civil unrest and warfare

The MENA region covers roughly million square km. There are three major deserts in the MENA region: The Sahara Desert, comprising large sections of .

The Global Water Shortage / Dimensions of the Middle East Water Problem / Depleted Sources, Growing Conflicts / The Suggested Solutions / Desalination: The Only Realistic Hope The problem of water scarcity is a growing worldwide phenomenon.

Net renewable water resources per capita have declined.

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