Descriptive essay about standing on top of a hill overlooking over a city

Chapter 1 Holden Caulfield writes his story from a rest home to which he has been sent for therapy. He refuses to talk about his early life, mentioning only that his brother D. He hints that he is bitter because D. He then begins to tell the story of his breakdown, beginning with his departure from Pencey Prep, a famous school he attended in Agerstown, Pennsylvania.

Descriptive essay about standing on top of a hill overlooking over a city

The Magnificent Rose Window of Notre Dame

Flying through the night over the Atlantic I received very little sleep on the six hour flight from the US, and I had been up since 7 or 8 A. Upon arrival in the city, the excitement, glamour and romance in the air left me with little thought of sleep, until 11 P.

Being early July, sunset in Paris was well after 10 P. Ahh, the city of light. We stopped to relax and have a drink of Perrier on a stationary river barge, a quaint place to stop and have a beverage or light snack. It also gave me time to rest my sore feet, alreadybecause I chose to wear sandals with chic wooden heels, and they were not cobblestone friendly!

I do remember my friend looking down at my feet before we left that evening and he politely said, "you are wearing these shoes? But I had to wear those shoes, it was Paris on a summer night. I could feel this world all around me.

It was like I was being embraced by culture itself. It separates the Right Bank and the Left Bank.

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It is spanned by 37 bridges which offer some of the most beautiful views and entertainment venues of Parisian culture. Three of the bridges are pedestrian only. It sits on the Ile de la Cite, in the heart of the city. The three massive front doors are each distinctive with exquisitely detailed medieval architectural illustrations.


The left portal is the Portal of the Virgin, which depicts the ark of the covenant and the coronation of the Virgin. The middle door is the Portal of the Last Judgment, showing the Resurrection and the wearisome souls on their procession to heaven or hell. The door on the right is the Portal of St.

Anne which portrays the Virgin and Maurice de Sully. Above these magnificent doors is the famous Rose Window.

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It depicts the Virgin and Child in rich reds and glorious blues, and is in itself a miracle of engineering. When we went inside I immediately knew I was in a very sacred place.

It is said that angels live there.

SparkNotes: The Catcher in the Rye: Chapters 1–2 Sidon Old towns still form the center or core of many Lebanese cities and towns.
Exemplary Student Descriptive Essays - Google Docs If you had been standing at this spot a few days after the earthquake, you would have been singed but saved—fire-fighters saw the defiant raising of the American flag over the shingle house at Taylor 2, shown in the historic photograph above and rushed up to save the structure and the flag, using wet sand and seltzer water in the process.
Not what you're looking for? It was getting late. The wind was blowing, penetrating my gloves, chilling my hands to the bone, slightly harder than it was five minutes ago.
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My friend and I sat in one of the pews; we sat in silence and he squeezed my hand when he knew what I was feeling. Tears streamed down my face, as I was awed by the magnificence and beauty and historical significance which was before me.

We toured the rest of the cathedral, standing for a while in the sanctuary where the candles were lit, and looked up at the beautiful stained glass windows. The evening is still young. This particular area of Paris is central to the many art galleries, museums, cafes which make up the great literary and arts scene that personifies Paris as the intellectual capital of the world, the left bank.

Before walking across the bridge we stood in front of the magnificent Institute de France which is home to the Academie Francaise. A highly regarded group of 40 members called, Immortals, have the responsibility of preserving and safeguarding the French language and compiling the dictionary of the French language.

Descriptive essay about standing on top of a hill overlooking over a city

They attempt to protect the French language from the onslaught of Franglais, French words characterized by borrowings from Englishwords such as jogging and marketing, but these words have very common usage in France.

Victor Hugo, Louis Pasteur, Voltaire were among a few of the notable immortals.- The darkness fell over Scott and Eric as the stood at main of Rockwell cemetary, the cemetary was at the bottom of the hill near the end of there small town, a freezing breeze blow over the first hill after the walked trough the main gate.

Descriptive Essay: Poor Unfortunate Souls Posted by Melanie Harrington in English 2 - Block on Friday, September 28, at am “I’m scared”, Trisha whispered to me as we stood on the side of the mountain, looking down at her brother, Josh, who was eagerly encouraging us to ride down.

Descriptive Essay about the Beach 1. the only good place to go is to the lake." If you're looking for a quiet relaxation at the lake.I'd slip on a peel. I'm sure you can catch a 3/5(2).

Period Exemplary Student Descriptive, “Favorite Place”, Essay Over four-thousand wands, all used in the Ollivander’s shop. Each and every box was adorned with the name of a member of the team who helped bring this world to life. Period Exemplary Student Descriptive, “Favorite Place”, Essay.

Period Exemplary Student Descriptive, “Favorite Place”, Essay My feet hit the ground forcefully, sending a shockwave through me. I warily advance away from the airplane, taking my very first step in the United Kingdom.

Descriptive essay about standing on top of a hill overlooking over a city

Why Amsterdam is the Perfect Vaction City - Many times people often search for an ideal spot for vacationing. Families want to find an area that offers various activities that can range from a nice dinner out to a walk in the park and fun night life.

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