History of football essay example

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History of football essay example

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History of Football By Nicholas Klacsanzky Football, in its various forms, can be said to be an ancient game, and perhaps the most popular globally. Famous footballers are treated like gods in Europe, and the sport is actively played in the farthest reaches of countries worldwide.

Though contemporary football began in England, ancient peoples played similar games throughout history. Let us delve into how this beloved sport, game, and pastime became what it is today. This was in the second and third century BC, and the game was called Cuju. The Japanese also had their own version of the game named kemari and was developed in the Asuka period to Japanese Sports: Many ball games similar to football and rugby were played in the times of Ancient Greece and Rome.

History of football essay example

The latter was played out with a smaller ball by two teams on a rectangular field marked by boundary lines and a centre line. In addition, across the globe, football-like games were in ancient times. However, it was the Chinese with their game Cuju that was the true football link from the ancient world to modern times.

As we can see, games like rugby and football have been played throughout the ages across the world, but England was the first country to make a governing body for these types of games, supposedly.

This event stemmed from the fact that many school football teams and clubs were formed, and representatives from these organizations in England wanted a set code for their beloved game.

Through several meetings of the Football Association, rules were added, cut, and changed. Rugby, the brother of football, also found its place with its first official rules be published in by the Rugby Football Union based in London RFU.

However, as it is known, football became increasingly more popular than its brother, and even soon moved to North America. The Origins of American Football to Though football is ancient as a game, it has not come that far from its Chinese relation, Cuju.

Yet, it was in the s of England that football got its first set of official rules from a governing body. Since then, football spread not only to North America, but to every corner of the world—making it the most popular game our history has seen.

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History of football essay example

Essay on Football Vs. American Football - There are various football games, for example, affiliation football, turf football, and rugby football.

Soccer is a regularly utilized name of affiliation football. History of Football Essay Words | 8 Pages. HISTORY OF FOOTBALL The history of football is interesting as well as exciting, from the first forms of the game ever played, to the multi million dollar organizations of today.

The game continues to evolve and change with the times.

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Football is a sport that evolved from many different games. Beginnings and blacksmithery: from pitons and Chouinard Equipment to rugby shirts and cotton cultivation. Learn how Patagonia was founded by Yvon Chouinard.

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