Influence of broken homes on children academic performance

Haven defined the concept of home it is therefore important to define family. The family can therefore be looked at as a social group characterized by common resident, economic cooperation and production, when a child is born, the family is the first primary group with which they come into contact. Transmission of social values or rights and wrong, what is morally and religiously accepted or condemned by the family, it follows therefore that by the time a child attained five to seven years of age he must have learnt what are his rights, obligations and roles within the society. However a home can either be stable or broken.

Influence of broken homes on children academic performance

Broken home s come s as a result of soiled marriage relationship. The human interactions may be present and rewarding, or they may be frustrating and create conflict. These exchanges can involve parents and children, husbands and wives,young and old, teachers and students, groups or different political or religious persuasions,and their bosses.


The number of persons involved, the issues of the stake, the willingness and competence of the participants to deal with the issues, and the level of respect the individuals have for each other all influence the outcome and the quality of the human relations that are practiced as well as the level of satisfaction each person involved derives from the encounter.

Sanford, In marriage as a human relation which involves husband and wives, the order has its origin in the Garden of Eden. The Genesis story bore it that God created heaven and later made Adam and later made eve and commissioned them to associate and live together. Protein Energy Malnutrition among Children From the above reference came the origin and beginning of marriage based on the first coming together of people to form a group, union, association etc there has been a mynad of groups formation which marriage is one.

Since then men have been marrying women. The choice of a bride by a groom had been effective and actually done. Boys having reached young adulthood, most individuals have developed a nuptial system of human relations that works, none or less, in the usual social situations called family. Marriage which is the core union of two or more people, had come to stay.

Parents and guardian have been playing a role of leadership that requires them to maintain both an acceptable level of sociability with their children and acceptable standards of marriage or family existence.

This makes it necessary to establish a family, from the view point if parents-in-laws, who have the responsibility for leading their son and daughter to integrate into a family situation that motruates them children to work together productively, cooperatively, and with economic, psychological, and social satisfaction.

Davis, Ola — michael in his sociology of education opines that each family has its culture. In some respects, according to him, unlike any other. The socialization process which begins in the home continues in the neighbourhood and in the school. The normal problems of growing up, of personality development, are also made easier or more difficult by the family culture or the elements in it.

As a result of this, the research work will help us to identify the reasons for these difficulties and suggest a suitable method to adapt for effective and efficient marriage relations.

It aims at accessing inter and intra relation between marriages in Nigeria. In essence, the study intends to unfold certain reasons for broken homes and some appropriate and remedies to solve broken of marriage and families to enable the affected children to perform well in their academic activities.


It also intends to enlighten us towards the major courses of broken homes and remedies to reducing, if not erasing, the problem that causes broken homes. Many attempts have been made to provide a generally acceptable explanation of broken homes.

This has been mainly due to the fact that each scholar or socialist advances his own definition based on his ideological affinity or historical allegiance and interaction. Longman dictionary of contemporary English defines a broken home as a family that no longer lives together because the parents have divorced.

This definition extends to broken marriage which is a marriage that has ended because the husband and wife do not live together anymore.Read this essay on The Effect of Broken Homes on Children's Academic Perfomance.

Influence of broken homes on children academic performance

Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at". Influence of Broken Homes on Secondary School Students’ Academic Performance in Esan West Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria Ogbeide, F.

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Department of Public Administration, School of Business Studies, Edo State Institute of Technology and Management, Usen, Benin City, Nigeria E-mail: [email protected] Odiase, I.

O. The concept of broken homes contributed to the falling standard of education in the country. It is based on this premise that this research work dealt with the impact of broken homes and students` academic performance in secondary schools in Calabar South Local Government Area, Cross River state.

The study investigated the influence of broken homes on pupil academic performance in selected schools of Mbala District. The study aimed at determining the extent to which broken homes influenced the performance of pupils in schools.

ABSTRACT: This study investigated the influence of broken homes on academic performance and personality development of the adolescents in lagos state metropolis with particular focus on the Kosofe Local Government Area of Lagos State. Sep 25,  · To determine the relationship between the academic performance of student from broken homes and from those of intact homes.

Significance of the Study There has been a general motion that increase, monetary rewards and academic ability are the major influences on the performance of .