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There is no epenthesis from a historical perspective since the a-t is derived from Latin habet 'he has'and so the t is the original third-person verb inflection.

However it is correct to call it epenthesis when viewed synchronically since the modern basic form of the verb is a and so the psycholinguistic process is therefore the addition of t to the base form. A similar example is the English indefinite article a, which becomes an before a vowel.

However, a synchronic analysis, in keeping with the perception of most native speakers, would equally correctly see it as epenthesis: In Dutchwhenever the suffix -er which has several meanings is attached to a word already ending in -r, an additional -d- is inserted in between.

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Similarly, the agent noun of verkopen "to sell" is verkoper "salesperson"but the agent noun of uitvoeren "to perform" is uitvoerder "performer". However, the pronunciation was often not written with double ll, and may have been the normal way of pronouncing a word starting in rel- rather than a poetic modification.

In Japanese[ edit ] A limited number of words in Japanese use epenthetic consonants to separate vowels. That is a synchronic analysis. It exhibits epenthesis on both morphemes: Some accounts distinguish between "intrusive vowels", vowel-like releases of consonants as phonetic detail, and true epenthetic vowels, which are required by the phonotactics of the language and acoustically identical with phonemic vowels.

Historical sound change[ edit ] End of word[ edit ] Many languages insert a so-called prop vowel at the end of a word to avoid the loss of a non-permitted cluster.


The cluster can come about by a change in the phonotactics of the language that no longer permits final clusters. Something similar happened in Sanskritwith the result that a new vowel -i or -a was added to many words. Another possibility is a sound change deleting vowels at the end of a word, which is a very common sound change.

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That may well produce impermissible final clusters. In some cases, the problem was resolved by allowing a resonant to become syllabic or inserting a vowel in the middle of a cluster: In the Gallo-Romance languageshowever, a prop vowel was added: Middle of word[ edit ] Examples are common in many Slavic languageswhich had a preference for vowel-final syllables in earlier times.

The other Slavic languages instead metathesised the vowel and the consonant: Other examples exist in Modern Persian in which former word-initial consonant clusters, which were still extant in Middle Persianare regularly broken up: French has a three level use of initial epenthesis depending on the time of incorporation: The same occurs in the song " Umbrella ".Prothesis is different from the adding of a prefix, which changes the meaning of a word.

Prothesis is a metaplasm, a change in spelling or pronunciation. The opposite process, the loss of a sound from the beginning of a word, is called apheresis or aphesis. Mushroom recipes for every occasion.

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Consonants change as follows when they undergo eclipsis. When eclipsed words are capitalized, it is the consonant of the radical that is capitalized, while . 1 The Bread of the Presence and Purpose It has been my privilege to talk and write about the topic of life purpose for the last eleven years.

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