Unit 301 understanding safeguarding young

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Understand the Main Legislation for Safeguarding Children Unit — Understand how to safeguard the wellbeing of children and young people. Outcome 1 — Understand the main legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures for safeguarding children and young people. The safe guarding of children has only been developed in the last 50 years.

Unit 301 understanding safeguarding young

All definitions for this rule are located in Rule 65C The five year re-screens for the relicensing process must include fingerprints.

The supervising agency or the department has the discretion to request background screening for other individuals if there is reasonable belief that: If the applicant or any other adult household member has resided in any other state during the past five years, requests for abuse and neglect histories must be made of those states, and the results of such requests included with the application packet.

If the person applying is or was a licensee of the department and was named in any capacity in three or more reports during a five year period, regardless of classification, those reports may be reviewed by the department for their relevancy as it relates to the licensing decision.

For homes being considered for licensure for longer than one year under Section Exemptions for disqualifying offenses may be sought under Section Such records shall include findings of delinquency; any misdemeanor or felony criminal arrests resulting in a plea of nolo contendere or conviction; any criminal traffic offenses resulting in a plea of nolo contendere or conviction, and any civil cases of domestic violence and orders for protection.

Crimes perpetrated in other states that are misdemeanors in that state but would be felonies listed under Section Annual screening for re-licensure shall be limited to a local criminal records check, an abuse and neglect record check clearance through the Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System, and may include records of any responses to the home by law enforcement that did not result in criminal charges, and any calls to the home.

The state criminal records checks and fingerprints shall be completed every five years through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Understanding Safeguarding and Governance

The background screening of a prospective out-of-home caregiver shall ensure that any previous licensing, registration or certification as an out-of home caregiver in Florida or in any other state or country is considered.

All reports with any findings are considered for the purposes of re-licensing a home for more than one year under Section History—NewAmended The training on administration of psychotropic medication shall consist of a review of the proper dosage of medication and the importance of monitoring for possible side effects and intended effects of the specific medications administered to the child.

All caregivers are required to complete a minimum of 21 hours of pre-service training. Each parent preparation pre-service training class shall follow the recommendations of the curriculum designer regarding the number and type of facilitators involved in the training process.

If the agency is the designer of the curriculum, the number and types of facilitators to be involved in the training process must be clearly defined.

If individualized training is done, the certified child protection professional is responsible for complying with the requirements set forth for parent preparation pre-service training in Section Agencies shall work cooperatively with each other and prospective licensed out-of-home caregivers and adoptive parents to ensure the ongoing availability of such training.

If there have been changes or updates in the curriculum, the individual must take those portions of the course only. Supervising agencies must request any information regarding the curriculum completed for the purposes of making a recommendation to the department.

The Regional Licensing authority shall review the curriculum content and consider the recommendation of the supervising agency in determining whether the individual is exempt from attending the parent preparation pre-service training. Completed parent preparation pre-service training is valid for five years from the date of verified curriculum completion.

Previously licensed out-of-home caregivers who have a break in service of eighteen months or less, but who completed parent preparation pre-service training within the last five year have the option to apply to be licensed without completing parent preparation pre-service training.

Parenting figures living together shall both be licensed. After successfully completing training and the home study process, any person who requests an application either verbally or in writing shall be provided one.

Unit 301 understanding safeguarding young

The dates, names of persons interviewed and summary of these interviews shall be documented in the home study. The Community-Based Care CBC lead agency certifies that the supporting documentation for the initial licensure or re-licensure of a family foster home is in compliance with state law and Florida Administrative Code.

The CBC lead agency is responsible for the review and maintenance of the supporting documents for initial and re-licensure.

Unit 301 understanding safeguarding young

The Department issues the license based on a statement attesting that the licensure or re-licensure packet complies with state law and code.

The checklist must be signed by the supervising agency licensing counselor and supervisor.YMCA NSW Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults Policy. The Policy and Procedures are to assist staff identify and report people and will ensure all staff understand and adhere to the Reporting Child Protection Concerns Policy, relevant procedures and relevant legislation.

File Reporting Child Protection Concerns. SVQ Children's Care Learning and Development Levels 2, 3 and 4.

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The SVQs in Children’s Care, Learning and Development incorporate the national occupational standards and qualification structure identified by Skills for Care and Development — the Sector Skills Council (SSC) for people working in early years, children and young .

The Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) defines Child Protection as part of the Safeguarding process, protecting Play a lead role in developing and establishing the organisations approach to safeguarding children and young people. They may be unable to understand the inappropriateness of the actions or communicate to others that.

Understand safeguarding of children and young people () July Assignment Y// regardbouddhiste.com 4 Version Unit Introduction Safeguarding children and young people is important for everyone involved in healthcare environments, whether they .

ProQual, September Level 2 Award in Understanding the Safeguarding and Wellbeing of Children and Young People 3 Introduction This qualification, developed by subject experts, is aimed at frontline workers in Police. Understanding safeguarding of children and young people For those working in the adult sector Unit Understand safeguarding of children and young people (for those working in the adult sector) 1 Understand the Policies, Procedures and Practices for safe working with children and young adults Firstly before any legislation that a child is assessed under, an assessment has to be carried out.

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