Unsw postgraduate coursework scholarships

Postgraduate Research What we do We conduct a world class program of social and behavioural research on HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmissible infections. Our research also includes the social aspects of sexual health, sex education, injecting and illicit drug use, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

Unsw postgraduate coursework scholarships

Built Environment BE offers a comprehensive range of specialised degree programs that few universities can match. Engineering Engineering Whatever your motivation or goals, advanced level engineering education delivers valuable benefits to your career and personal development.

The pre-eminence of our teaching, research excellence and the outstanding support we provide students at every level are the characteristics that continue to attract the most talented teachers, researchers and students from Australia and internationally.


With over 17 postgraduate programs across 12 specialist areas, we are pleased to be able to offer so many programs to both law and non-law graduates. Medicine Medicine We turn high achieving students into world class healthcare professionals and researchers with globally recognised qualifications.

Unsw postgraduate coursework scholarships

Graduates of UNSW Medicine have the skills and expertise to cope with future shifts in the patterns of health and disease, changing community expectations, the huge expansion of knowledge in the biomedical sciences, and the information technology revolution.

Science Science UNSW Science is at the forefront of many new developments in science and is renowned for the quality of its coursework and research opportunities.

We believe that the leaders of tomorrow will increasingly be drawn from the ranks of scientists. Their special knowledge and creative skills in analysis and problem-solving have never been more pertinent to the needs of the world - whether it be in industrial processes, the development of new products or in meeting the daunting global challenge of environmental sustainability.

It offers cutting-edge postgraduate coursework opportunities to graduates and professionals interested in pursuing a career in government, business, international development or national security, as well as members of the public seeking advanced education.Undergrad & Postgrad Coursework Scholarships.

Scholarships for local and international students, including high school leavers, other future students and current UNSW students. Apply for the UNSW All-Rounder Scholarship. UNSW Equity Scholarships. More information here. Postgraduate Research Scholarships. Contact the Graduate Research.

Discover the opportunities with our diverse range of postgraduate courses at UNSW Arts and Social Sciences. Master of Philosophy - Research and coursework program (minimum year full-time study) For details on applying for any of the above research programs, please visit the UNSW Research Gateway.

To see what Postgraduate Scholarships you may be eligible for, visit our Postgraduate Scholarships page. The University of New South Wales The School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences. A leading research and teaching school with expertise in biotechnology, molecular biology, genetics, environmental microbiology, medical microbiology, immunology, biochemistry, protein chemistry and other areas of biological science.

UNSW Business School International Scholarships in Australia are open apply now. The University of New South Wales Business School is offering Scholarships for high performing international students who are applying to an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program offered by UNSW .

Unsw postgraduate coursework scholarships

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