Writing equations of lines

Let's first quickly review slope intercept form.

Writing equations of lines

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Writing equations of lines

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Writing equations of lines

There is truly something for everyone!In this section we will derive the vector form and parametric form for the equation of lines in three dimensional space.

We will also give the symmetric equations of lines in three dimensional space. Note as well that while these forms can also be useful for lines in two dimensional space. Writing Equations of Perpendicular and Parallel Lines Write an equation of the line that passes through (3, 2) and is (a) perpendicular and (b) parallel to the line y = º3 x + 2.

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Equations of Lines You're going to be surprised at how important finding the equations of lines is in Calculus.

Writing slope-intercept equations

In some chapters, you'll be doing it as the last step to almost every problem! Writing Equations of Lines Honors Advanced Algebra A Reference: McDougal Littell: § Writing Equations of Lines.

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Slope-intercept equation from slope & point (video) | Khan Academy